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We, Cassiopeia, are one big family who strongly believe that one day the 5 members of TVXQ (Youngwoong Jaejoong, UKnow Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and Choikang Changmin) will stand on the stage again together and sing for us like they always had! We are always together in times of happiness and sorrow. There is a strong faith between TVXQ and us, Cassiopeia. We are always there for TVXQ. TVXQ and Cassiopeia are like a heart and a body. A body can’t live without the heart… That is what TVXQ is to Cassiopeia. Until the day we see TVXQ stand on the stage again as 5 and until the day of our last breath we will always keep our faith in TVXQ and support them all the way! TVXQ is always 5! AKTF


Always Keep the faith! That is what I could say about Cassie

I don’t care you support JYJ or DBSK!

Please DBSK always 5 members not 2 or 3… We will always wait for the date that they are back together!

5 kings

Real Cassies are the best fans in the world

There aren’t any fandom more strong than us, because NO ONE CAN’T RESIST OUR PAIN AT THIS TIME.

Cassiopeia is One family with DB5K, we love them, they love us I can’t live without them because they are my life we will always keep the faith

 I’m proud to be cassie!

DB5K alwayss the best!

Love them more and more and more

To all cassies, always keep the faith

Support them no matter what cassie.. DB5K, we(cassiopeia) always stand by you 

Even DBSK just consists 2 members but to all Cassiopeia, DBSK still and always consists of 5 members and we always support them and keep the faith. Not matter what happen to them, we always believe that they are the MOST TALENTED Artist at Korea and the World…

 I still believe in cassiopeia’s power of love. Cassiopeia and TVXQ is family. We support each other. We share and care each other. Everyone “Always Keep The Faith”

TVXQ is one of the most talent boy band in the world. Cassiopeia will always support TVXQ no matter what. Cassiopeia will always stand by TVXQ. We are the one eternally.

Cassiopeia is the biggest fanclub in this world! Cassiopeia always stand by TVXQ, always support TVXQ, always love TVXQ, always believe in TVXQ.. Always keep the faith eternally Cassiopeia!

We will always keep our promise till the end. And we will always support of you..

Our love for you will always bigger than before,


 I know that Cassiopeia is facing difficulties, but we’re all here for each other. We’re supporting each other and Always Keeping the Faith. Besides we’re still the biggest fanclub out there. That’s gotta be an achievement right? We all really care about DBSK because they care about us. Watching our boys grow into men.

Cassiopeia is a biggest fanbase in a Guinness world of records. Not matter We will wait and support TVXQ. “Always Keep The Faith” 

TVXQ – is our role models, our dancing machines with angelic voices, our polite and funny guys… They our inspiration. Cassiopeia love TVXQ! And will always support no matter what! We are the biggest official fan-club in the whole world! So many fans means that boys really have not only amazing talent, but also they stands on the edge of glory of Asia because of their hard-working life and personality. TVXQ loves Cassiopeia and we love them. Even more. We will exist forever.

TVXQ/JYJ are a amazing group, they have everything, beautiful voices, amazing dances, good-looking and great actors. Cassiopeia will always be here to support all 5 members, whether they are 2, 3 or 5. We are a united red ocean family that will ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. Cassies fighting!

Cassiopeia/Big East are one big family. We believe that one day, TVXQ will reunite as 5 members and and reclaim their spot as the King of Hallyu Wave. TVXQ and Cassiopeia shares the same feelings. We support each other, help each other. TVXQ is for Cassiopeia and Cassiopeia is for TVXQ. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!

I’ll be there for TVXQ! I support DBSK forever. I love them. I believe in them. Please trust me that my love is real… Cassiopeia love TVXQ and TVXQ love Cassiopeia… We are more than normal fanclub or singer! I’m pound to be Cassiopeia. In the future I will tell to my son to my daughter know “TVXQ” The God Of The Earth… A legend of K-pop. 

I simply love them for the whole time I found them. There are no days without their music. The music they do is the best I’ve ever heard and I’m able to listen to it every day. The fanbase taught me how to share the love!


Always Keep The Faith


by: Choikangshinki.wp.com

I take this from http://www.the-top-tens.com/items/cassiopeia-tvxq-dbsk-384239.asp

don’t take out without credit


4 responses

  1. Yes, thank you 🙂
    You makes me cry, makes me realize that i’m not the only one…
    I love TVXQ, i love Homin, i love JYJ and i love all cassie.
    Lets keep the faith till the end of time, and thank you again for share. Sometimes all cassie in the world need to remaining of the mean of being cassie, sometimes we need to remain that TVXQ still there waiting the right time to be together with us 🙂

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