TVXQ Random Facts

Some (random) facts about TVXQ! I believe some people might alreadly know about these, but the others including newbies might not know. These facts are collected by members of Korean Community which includes some people who worked with TVXQ before, or their friends, or told by the members via korean radio, TV, magazines.

YooChunByung (YooChun Sickness)

Among TVXQ, YooChun is probably the most sensitive guy whose emotions do fluctuate a lot. Hence, he used to feel blue and get depressive very often, and Korean fans call this “YooChunByung”. As everybody might know, YooChun’s family history is not that pleasant one, including their parents’ divorce issue and hard time he was having in America. (He wasn’t good at English when he just arrived.) And that’s probably the beginning of YooChunByung. You can say it’s like a depressive disorder.

For instance, there was an interview in Korea a while ago, asking Yoochun “What do you want to be if you are about to reincarnate?” Then YooChun answered like this “I don’t wanna be even born again, ever.” Around 2006, he did not have a proper meal and started crying before going on the stage. And he even confessed that he just felt like crying and very lonely, when he saw the moon in the sky. Changmin is the one who first named “YooChunByung”, telling YooChun,

“Hey, I know that you are pretty depressed right now, but you know, there is nothing we can do about that moon. Practically, we can’t take that off the sky.” (GYAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! typical Changmin! XDD)

Other than this, YooChun often woke up while everybody is sleeping and went to the bridge or going for fishing during night. Luckily [?] Jaejoong most times managed to keep following after him in case of emergency, and I think that’s how Jaejoong and Yoochun become soul mates to each other. Jaejoong also said that YooChunByung is sort of contagious, and even Jaejoong had a infected version of YooChunByung for 3 months. (I think it was around 2006 or 2007.) Recently, it seems that this YooChunByung gets better day by day, and some say Changmin’s crazy [?] actions only can cure him. (that is why I always love KISS <3)


Junsu as the Online Game Master

Junsu is really crazy about playing computer game, but how much does he love to do it? In Korea, many people are actively playing online games with their friends and Junsu is one of them. He plays a lot whether he is in Korea, Japan or elsewhere. The thing is, Junsu used to be a top ranking game player of the online game called Granado Espada. For you who don’t know about the online game, it is a 3D fantasy role playing game based on medieval Europe, and usually players form a group or a guild with other players. Junsu was a team leader of the powerful, famous guild called “Cross Party”. The below are known as the characters played by Junsu himself, and his game items, which are quite rare and very expensive (Much more than 16000 USD) He even borrowed his brother Junho’s account to make a posting online. (He enjoys to have a lots of talking about game with his bro, via phone)

Now, he quitted this game, (People said he was like a legendary player, wondering how he managed to be a top ranking player of the game, as a member of TVXQ who has to deal with the hard schedule, meaning he wouldn’t even have much time for sleeping. This somewhat gave us a conclusion that there are mainly four components that consist of Junsu’s life : Playing Soccer, Playing Online Game, and Singing and Dancing. ) and moved to the different gamed called “Aion”, another popular online game all members of TVXQ and their manager are playing. (It is probably Junsu who persuaded them to play with him.) These days, Jaejoong seem to get interested in playing online games, and was very proud to say “I was ranked as 0.01% of the game I’ve been playing.” (*pats Jaejoong’s head*)

Though this is not directly related to TVXQ, but some members of SuperJunior and Minho from Shinee loves playing online games together.

One more thing. Junsu addresses how thankful the “Cross Party” 십자가당” was, on the “Thanks to” part of the Album Jacket.

Why Changmin not talking much in TV show?

Changmin does not talk very often in TV show, probably since 2006. There was a Korean show called “YaShimManMan”, and Changmin’s mom was invited as an audience that day. On that TV variety show, Changmin said something embarrasing [?] in a hilarious way, and his mom just was laughing at first, but she might not be able to stand with that her supposed-to-be-well behaved-son talks of shocking stuff she did not know. Anyway, she left the hall before the show finished. People are saying, since then, Changmin probably decided not to talk very often in TV show, in case he might say something shocking to people before himself recognizing what he’s saying. Please note this is an assumption.

(yes. the whole Changmin said was basically making fun of himself… the “I-watch-porn” thing was considered okay, but when it comes to dandruff and all~^^;;;; I can see how Yoochun was trying hard to send message “Minnie, stop~” through his eyes XD)

– When Yoochun was eating cold noodles, a thought of Jaejoong popped up, then he wrote the lyric. (Don’t remember the title of lyric right now. Will add later)

– Last year, YooChun made a posting saying “I took a picture with G-Dragon of BigBang” on the official website. Soon he realized that he forgot to upload the picture, so he deleted the posting ever. Since then, neither pictures nor postings have been uploaded. (Yoochunna.. can u simply just upload the picture and that’s it? ^^;;)

– When Changmin was first introduced to the members, all members said Changmin is like an angel. 6 years later, members describes him an evil. (and I love the evil him XD)

– Jaejoong, Changmin and YooChun love drinking alcohol. Junsu doesn’t drink that often, and Yoonho has a weak stomach for drinking. It is said that Jaejoong can drink about 8 bottles of Soju (360ml per bottle with alcohol content of about 20%) in a row. Among idol boy bands, Jaejoong, YooChun, Top from BigBang and HyunJoong from SS501 are so-called “F4 of drinking an alcohol”.

– JaeJoong wasn’t a gifted singer in fact. He just kept on practicing continuously which made him good at singing now.

– When both Changmin and Junsu filled out the questionnaire form, they illustrated their relationship as “enemies to each other”. Later, Changmin on the radio said he is now worshiping Junsu, then he changed his mind again, saying “Well, I went back to home and thought about that, but I think I just made the wrong conclusion. So please forget about it.”

– Remember YooChun used to have a very short hair? He tried that hair style by Junsu’s strong recommendation, but it turned out that Junsu started to pick him on, telling “You know, with that hair style, your relatively broad forehead seems to be broader than ever.”, and this statement made YooChun quite sulky about his hair style. Since then, YooChun probably would not try that hair style ever again.

(damn it. I so love that styleeeeeeee!!! Junsu u may go to hell bed!!! LOL. Seriously, that style of him in Choosey Lover is hottest as ever T___T)

– While taking a shower, Yooho has a habit of singing and dancing. Hence it takes about half an hour for him to take a shower.

– Junsu cannot eat neither very hot nor cold food. He can hardly eat a hard ice-cream so he prefers to have an soft ice-cream with a spoon.

– Junsu doesn’t even have a bite after 6 PM. So does Yoonho. When Changmin gets hungry, he cooks 4 or 5 noodles (ramen) for himself only.

– YooChun uses a full bottle of fly killer spray to kill a single fly. He is afraid of the spider the most. (Poor fly….. XDDD)

– Junsu’s Korean pronunciation, in fact, is very unique for native speakers. He can’t properly pronounce the Korean word with “s”.

– It took a great effort for Yoonho to speak with a standard Korean accent. He had been living in Jun-Ra-Do, a country side, where people speak with a strong accent. These days, his pronouciation improved a lot, though it still has some traces of his accents within.

– When YooChun just got to join the group for the first time, Junsu did not buy him that much. It took about 6 years for Junsu to become a member of TVXQ, and rest of them (Yoonho, Jaejoong and Changmin) also took at least 1 year to make a debut. However Yoochun made his debut in about 6 months or so, Junsu was quite pissed off about that. YooChun said Junsu was the first person on his sight when he arrived at SM ent, but Junsu showed the cool attitude towards him for years. But now, both look like a good friend to each other.  (I can understand that ^^ dun worry, Jun-chan.)

– Junsu is generally considered a very self-oriented person. It doesn’t mean that he is a selfish person, but he is careless about other’s perspectives. He is kind, positive and nice guy, yet he cares about his people only. (That’s why Junsu is often described as a guy of freedom or something like that, in Japan.) And this is quite contrast to Jaejoong and Yoonho, who love to get to know new people. Some said that’s the reason why Junsu used to mainly hang out with Yoonho until their 2nd Korean album.

– When asked “What’s your treasure?” to members, while YooChun, Jaejoong and Junsu gave an answer of “It’s TVXQ”, Changmin solely said “It’s my bag” (which basically has everything in it.) (ROFLMAO. I seriously adores Changmin)

– Changmin used to put a picture of himself for his cellphone’s LCD background. He explained that he just wanted to make sure “This IS my cell phone. (so I put my picture on it)”

– Jaejoong often cooks a meal for members, and Junsu and Changmin once made complaints about that Jaejoong just reheated the Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Stew) they had yesterday, with some ham newly added. (you both just eat, dont complain!!! *save Jaejoong*

– While sleeping, Changmin dreamed of having a fight with Junsu. Then he unconsciously began to hit the wall until he got himself hurt (He was bleeding.) Junsu, who saw how Changmin hit the wall so strongly, could not get a proper sleep on that night.

– When Jaejoong and Junsu shared their room, Jaejoong put his clothing on the bed, so he ended up sleeping on the floor. Junsu once in desperate tone said, ” I really wanna see Jaejoong sleeping next to me on the bed (,not his clothing).”

– Jaejoong and Yoochun once planned to go to the West Sea to see the sunrise. (In Korea, people don’t go to the west sea to see the sunrise. They go to the east.)

– Yoochun just loves to have a blanker covered his whole body, with an air conditioner on. He also loves to wear slippers from March to November.

– Junsu once got his birthday present from the member, and that present was T-shirt printed as “Sorry Girls, I am Gay.” He got really surprised at that time.

– Junsu and his best friend Hyuk Jae from Super Junior got dressed in female attire when they were high school students.

– Yoochun has a asthma, which still hasn’t been cured yet.

– Jaejoong once burned Yoonho’s leather Jacket. (When YunJae got fighting…………. lol)

– Junsu believed in Santa Claus until he was 14. Junsu used to laugh at the kindergarten students who do not believe in Santa. In contrast, Changmin doubted the existence of Santa Claus when he was just six. (in fact, Changmin ever said, he never ever believe Santa. That what makes Junsu is an angel while Changmin is a hell devil)

– Junsu loves palm tress so much that Yoonho calls him an abnormal person.

– TVXQ members at first time were quite embarrassed about their group title “Dong Bang Shin Gi”

– Junsu never calls Jaejoong “Jaejoongihyung”, but “YoungWoongihyung.” after he found out Jaejoong is actually older than him. Junsu used to call his name Jaejoong, but Jaejoong really didn’t say a word about that. (Hyung means “older brother”.)

– Junsu was very close to making a debut on the year BoA made her debut.

– When Junsu went to the school trip with HyukJae from SJ, HyukJae let Junsu to get some snacks from girls (Girls and Boys were sleeping in separate places). Then Junsu went to the girls’ dorm room, and did some cute things as a mean of begging for snacks.

– Jaejoong’s oldest sister is at the same age as Changmin’s mother.

– When doing a fan-sign, Jaejoong wrote on the official website the list of names of their fans whom Jaejoong forgot to write their name with his sign. (sweeeeeetttt!!!)

– Junsu sometimes accidently calls Changmin “ChangminHyung”. In fact he often makes some mistakes with the title.

– 3 of TVXQ members are left-handed. (I think it was Yoochun, Yunho and Junsu)

– Junsu is likely to spill things a lot when eating. Hence, Junsu needed his own bib to have a meal before the concert.

– Jaejoong once wore a pajama with a cute character (which was Changmin’s) and showed himself at the veranda where the fans are crowded underneath. Since then TVXQ had to move their living place. (because the neighborhoods there were complaining of the noise)

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